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Archived Online Trainings from NCHERM, NaBITA and ATIXA.
On Demand. Where You Want Them. When You Want Them. As Often as You Need Them.

This webpage provides access to the NCHERM catalog of more than 40 archived online training topics. Archived online trainings are digitally recorded trainings that are delivered to you on demand, online through streaming video. Or, you may choose to download the training video file for storage and retrieval from your hard drive as needed. Once you purchase an archived online training, you will have access to its content either through this webpage for one year or by downloading the file. Since we are continually adding recordings and users to our site, purchased online trainings remain in user's accounts for a period of one year to maintain enough bandwidth to support our users. However, you can download all of the recordings and any supplemental materials and save them to your computer for access at any time. You are welcome to share access with others on your campus or at your school, and may post the content to a password-protected intranet. However, dissemination of these copyrighted works outside of your institution or district is not permitted by NCHERM, and no public viewing or posting of the trainings is permitted on the Internet or by other means. Online trainings originally hosted by NCHERM and its sister organizations NaBITA and ATIXA are all archived as online trainings on this site. Topics are rotated out of the catalog once their content is no longer timely.


Most of our archived online trainings were originally broadcast as audio seminars with accompanying PowerPoint™ slides. When the topics were added to our archived online training catalog, the audio files and the PowerPoint™ slides were digitally integrated into one file, so that you can listen to the presenter audio and watch the slide content simultaneously. When you purchase an archived online training, you will also receive a copy of the original PowerPoint™ slide file for your use to accompany the archived online training. Most of our archived online trainings are 90 minutes in length, but the length of each archived online training is noted in its description below if it is not 90 minutes. Each original online training also featured Q & A with the presenters, and that original Q & A has been included in the archived online training as well.


Archived online trainings can be purchased for $249.99 each. NaBITA members receive 10% discounts and ATIXA members receive 15% discounts on topics related to each association's mission. If you need your member promo code or enhanced membership benefits, please direct NaBITA inquiries to Samantha Dutill at 610-993-0229 or email samantha@nabita.org. Please direct ATIXA inquiries to Marianne Price at 610-993-0229 or email marianne@atixa.org. Archived online trainings are also available at discounted rates when multiple topics are added to your shopping cart. Five archived online trainings can be purchased for $999.99. Ten archived online trainings can be purchased for $1799.99. Twenty archived online trainings can be purchased for $2999.99. Unlimited access to all archived online trainings in the catalog now and those that will be added in the future can be purchased for $9999.99.

Instructions for Use

Once you purchase your topics using our online shopping cart, you will automatically receive instructions for accessing the archived online training, which you can then stream online or download to view from your hard drive. Those with slower Internet connections or older computer video cards may find that streaming the video online may result in a slow or choppy video feed, and will find better results from downloading the file. All supplemental materials (e.g. slides) will accompany your purchase. To purchase archived online trainings without using our shopping cart, please contact Michelle Issadore at 610-993-0229 or email michelle@ncherm.org. Below, please find our catalog of archived online trainings listed by category:

  • Campus Sexual Misconduct;
  • Preventive Law and Risk Management;
  • Campus Compliance;
  • Campus Behavioral Intervention and Mental Health;
  • Student Conduct and Campus Discipline.

How to Use an Archived Online Training

There are many ways to utilize archived online trainings because they are available on demand, when you want them, where you want them. You can allow individuals across your campus to view them independently, and even at home. You can screen them in a group setting as a training tool, or use segments for targeted training or to supplement your in-house trainings with multi-media elements. By downloading your archived online training, you maintain on-demand access to it whenever the need arises, and you can always access the webpage unlimited times for a year, as well. 


Webinars.ncherm.org is your portal for accessing the NCHERM, NaBITA and ATIXA catalog of archived online trainings. To purchase archived online trainings, visit the NCHERM store by clicking here. Once you make your purchase, you will automatically receive instructions to create and activate your account. Your archived online training and all supplemental materials will be available in your account. To give access to others on your campus or at your school, you must share your account access information with them. 

If you experience any technical difficulty, please call 610-993-0229 or email Michelle Issadore at michelle@ncherm.org. To register for an upcoming online training, please click here. Once an online training is broadcast, it is usually added to this catalog within one year of its broadcast date.

Campus Sexual Misconduct Training Topics

          Gamechangers -- Reshaping Campus Sexual Misconduct Through Litigation 

          Sexual Misconduct Judicial Training Series, Parts I-III 

          Sexual Misconduct Critical Issues Training for Boards -- Module 1: Hearing Board Competencies

          Sexual Misconduct Critical Issues Training for Boards -- Module 2: Title IX-Based Competencies

          Sexual Misconduct Critical Issues Training for Boards -- Module 3: NCHERM Policy Analytic

          Sexual Misconduct Critical Issues Training for Boards -- Module 4: Path to Good Decision-Making

          Sexual Misconduct Critical Issues Training for Boards -- Complete set of 4 Modules

Preventive Law and Risk Management Training Topics

          You Can't Say That, Can You? A Practical Guide to Campus Free Speech 

          Ten Risk Management Strategies for College Athletics 

          Tools to Reduce Personal Liability for College Administrators 

          Challenges in Creating and Assessing Campus Emergency Plans 

          Veterans: Their Expectations, Our Challenges and Legal Duties 

Campus Compliance Training Topics

          Conducting Rights and Compliance Audits: Implementing Results 

          Exploring New Regulations of the Higher Education Opportunity Act 2010

Campus Behavioral Intervention and Mental Health Training Topics

          Behavioral Intervention Teams: 20 Frequently Asked Questions 

          Advanced Behavioral Intervention Team Protocol and Integration 

          Identifying and Responding to Student "Red Flag" Behaviors 

          Behavioral Intervention Team (CUBIT) Formation and Operation 

          Learning From Tragedy: A Framework for Mental Health and Violence Prevention 

          Student Suicide -- What College Administrators Need to Know About Law and Best Practices

          We've Intervened…Now What? 

          Campus Threat Assessment Part I: A Conceptual Framework

          Campus Threat Assessment Part II: Learning to Use the NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool

Student Conduct and Campus Discipline Training Topics

          Best Practices for Balancing Rights in Campus Conduct Processes 

          Training Hearing Boards on Best Practices 

          Crafting a Code of Conduct Conduct for the 21st Century College